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Understanding your sector

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Welcome to this new free course produced by The Open University. If you enrol and complete the course you can gain a digital badge and a Statement of Participation as a record of your achievement. Digital badges are a new way of demonstrating online that you have gained a skill. Schools, colleges and universities are working with employers and other organisations to develop open badges that help learners gain recognition for their skills, and support employers to identify the right candidate for a job.

Are you in a job you don’t like or which doesn’t satisfy you? Do you want a more responsible job with your current employer? Do you want to change jobs into a new career area? If the answer is ‘Yes’, then this free course, Understanding your sector, will help you.

Employers seek people who understand their businesses and the factors that most affect these. Working through this course will help you to explore these factors, to gain the inside knowledge to impress in applications and at interviews and to put together an action plan that is tailored for you.

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