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Succeed with learning

Week 4: Reflection and feedback


How did you get on with the last quiz? You may have thought of it just as a test, but it also involved you reflecting on what you had learned in the course so far. Reflecting is a key part of the learning process – that’s why there have been reflections at the end of each week’s work. It reminds you of what you have been thinking about, and how the ideas may connect. This process can also help you to remember what you have learned.

This week, Succeed with learning will be looking at reflection in more detail and encouraging you to think about the value of feedback from others in supporting the development of your learning.

Jonathan introduces Week 4 in the following video.

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Jonathan Hughes
Welcome to Week 4, Reflection and feedback.
You’re almost halfway through the course, so well done for that.
I hope you’ve been able to find the time to do the activities and the quizzes as well as reading through the text of the course. I hope also that you’ve been able to find time to read back over the notes you’ve been making.
All these provide opportunities for reflection on your learning, and reflection is a really vital part of learning. Not only does it allow all the old information to sink in, it gets you ready for new information as well.
The other key part of this week is thinking about the value of feedback from others. Oh, one more point about Week 4, this is the first badge quiz. It’s like the other quizzes you’ve been doing but it’s slightly longer. Another opportunity for reflection though.
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After this week, you will:

  • understand the importance of reflection in the process of learning
  • understand the importance of feedback in your learning
  • have been introduced to some theories about feedback
  • be able to apply the Johari Window to show the impact of feedback.

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