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Succeed with learning

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Succeed with learning

Week 6: Wider perspectives


Welcome to Week 6 of Succeed with learning. This week, you are going to focus on some theories about learning, think about their relevance to your own situation and develop your note-taking skills further. Like getting feedback from others, theories of learning offer a range of other perspectives which encourage wider thinking about learning and how to make the most of any opportunities that present themselves.

Learning about other people’s perspectives and ideas is also a major part of studying at degree level, and it is one you have already started to do on this course. So, you are well on your way!

Watch Jonathan introduce Week 6 in this video:

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Jonathan Hughes
Welcome to Week 6, Wider perspectives.
Have you ever thought that by looking at something from a different perspective or angle it leads to new ideas, new solutions to old problems? Perhaps a friend has suggested a different way to cook a favourite recipe or a new way to develop a sports skill? Or a trip has given you a new perspective on something?
When you start to study a new subject it’s really important to see what’s already been written about that subject and to begin to see how that links to your thinking. That can be really difficult to start with but it can also be really stimulating and it does mean that you’re not reinventing the wheel all the time.
We called this week ‘Wider perspectives’. OK they take you away from your own thinking but we think you’ll find that useful to understand your own learning even better.
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After this week you will:

  • understand the value of theories
  • know more about learning communities
  • know more about different approaches to learning
  • have developed your note-taking skills.

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