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Succeed with learning

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Succeed with learning

Week 8: Your plan


Welcome to Week 8, the final week of Succeed with learning. You are almost at the end of the course and your badge is in sight!

This week the course focuses on helping you to make sure that your goal is as realistic as possible and to design your own action plan to achieve it. You will also review your learning from the course as a whole, and think about a range of future learning opportunities.

Watch as Jonathan introduces the final week of the course:

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Jonathan Hughes
Welcome to Week 8, Your plan.
I hope you’ve really enjoyed doing this course and that you feel that your own confidence and your own learning potential has really increased. I also hope you’ve done all the activities and quizzes. If you’ve done all that, that’s a terrific achievement, well done.
Don’t forget that this week includes the second of the two badged quizzes. You need to do this quiz and get 50% in order to claim your badge for this course.
This week has been about your learning plan so it would be a great idea to look back over the whole course and select the bits that are most useful for putting together that plan. What would be most helpful for you as you move forward?
I hope you’ve really enjoyed this course. It would also be a great idea to think about what aspects of it you have enjoyed most. Was it finding out that you really like informal learning? Or perhaps you can see learning for you working in a community setting. You may even be thinking of taking another Open University course.
Whichever route you select I’d like to wish you all the best for your future learning.
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After this week you will have:

  • drawn up an action plan for your learning future
  • learned how to use a force-field analysis to develop your plan
  • thought about the resources and options available to you
  • reflected on the cycle of learning.

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