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Succeed with learning

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Succeed with learning

2 Thinking about resources

Do you find that your day-to-day life involves you in so many commitments that it is hard to find the time to do all the things that you would like to do? Instead of listing ‘not having the time’ as one of your obstacles, an alternative decision might be to ‘make time’, by temporarily dropping one activity so that you can make room for the new one. Reflect on the time log you kept in Week 2 now, and see where you might make time for working towards your goal.

This is a question of working out your priorities, how motivated you are to achieve one goal rather than another. The more exciting your goal, the more likely you are to find the time to pursue it. If after this you are still saying that you do not have the time, perhaps you need to think again about what your real goal in life might be.

You may also have listed a lack of money as one of the hindering factors. Again, this can be an obstacle, but there are also ways around it. For example, rather than acquiring knowledge and skills through taking formal academic courses, you could find other open educational resources (OERs) like Succeed with learning, or you might acquire them through voluntary work, by visiting the library on a regular basis, or by learning from others. Think about how you prefer to learn, as well as your finances, to help you choose.


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