Succeed with learning
Succeed with learning

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Succeed with learning

6 Summary

Congratulations – you have now completed the Succeed with learning course!

This week you designed your own action plan to help you achieve your chosen goal, and you learned about:

  • breaking down your SMART goal into achievable steps
  • Kurt Lewin’s idea of a force-field analysis
  • the wide range of resources available to you to support your learning
  • different kinds of learning opportunities; such as formal, informal and free online courses
  • the cycle of learning, and how this applies to you.

This course and its activities have asked you to believe that you are a ‘learner’, to explore your own learning and think about how it can be used for personal development and change.

You have identified your own unique combination of qualities, knowledge and skills. You can now take these forward in ways that will help you feel fulfilled in whatever you decide to do.

The documents that you have created, such as your action plan and your reflective learning journal, will be useful to you in understanding your achievements, and for sharing your achievements and experiences with other people – either formally (at work, applying for jobs or for further courses) or informally.

You have built a wide range of academic skills and knowledge that will help you in further studies. This could be the beginning of many exciting changes in your life.

Remember to keep reviewing your progress as you continue to learn – so that you keep recording and recognising all your achievements. Do this and you are well set to succeed with learning!

Good luck with all your future plans!

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