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The learning design word wheel

Updated Monday 25th April 2016

Are you creating a course? The Open University's Learning Design team have created a word wheel to help shape your planning...

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Play, learning and the brain Copyrighted image Icon Copyright: Used with permission free course icon Level 2 icon

Education & Development 

Play, learning and the brain

This free course, Play, learning and the brain, examines the area of brain-based learning, with a particular focus on the development of the young child's brain, and is of particular relevance to those who work with young children. We begin by looking at the structure and functions of the brain, and the impact that sensory deprivation can have on these. We consider the implications of current understandings of brain development for teaching and learning, particularly in an early years setting, and finish by exploring the value of play (particularly outdoor play) in children's learning and the development of their brains.

Free course
15 hrs

Education & Development 

Reading and child development: Research findings: Dyslexia and literacy difficulties

The impact of some forms of dyslexia might be reduced through helping young children develop their phonological abilities.


Education & Development 

Space for reflection

Madhavi Kapur, head of the Rewachand Bhojwani Academy, explains why many schools in Asia find students benefit from a little breathing space.

Sharing power and transforming educational practice Copyrighted image Icon Copyright: © IOE Press free course icon Level 3 icon

Education & Development 

Sharing power and transforming educational practice

This free course, Sharing power and transforming educational practice, explores the notion of a life of learning and interrogates 'common-sense' assumptions about schooling. It considers what is the research process and how becoming a co-researcher with the people with whom you work can transform your expectations and practice.

Free course
8 hrs

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