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CPD Standards Office accredited learning on OpenLearn

Updated Tuesday, 9 May 2023

OpenLearn badged courses allow learners of all backgrounds and levels of ability to demonstrate an interest in a subject, evidence of professional development or a commitment to their studies.

Find out more about The Open University’s Open degree qualification.

Badged courses are highly engaging and cover a range of core subjects and professional competencies essential for the modern workplace.

CPDSO's logoAll 24-hour badged courses available on OpenLearn have successfully completed a CPDSO assessment process and have been awarded CPDSO accreditation, each course equating to 24 CPD points. On successful completion of these courses learners will be awarded a digital badge, and a free printable Statement of Participation which provides evidence of CPD accredited learning. We are unable to provide any further documentation to support CPD accredited learning.

Employees and members of professional bodies, institutes or regulators are often expected to attain a certain number of CPD points or hours per year. They need them in order to maintain their chartered status or their license to practice.

Each professional body, institute, regulator or employer sets in place a CPD policy. The number of points or hours can vary significantly from profession to profession and from sector to sector.

Further information about CPDSO accredited learning can be found at 

Close up photo of a row of coloured pencilsClick here to view our badged courses.


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