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Learning from major cyber security incidents

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Learning from major cyber security incidents

As a society, we are now almost always connected to the internet and rely on it for many different day-to-day activities. However, this dependency on the internet can make us vulnerable to attacks. 

Once a connected device is compromised, it is not only that particular device that is affected – it can also be used as a springboard to attack other devices in the same network and in others. 

In this connected world, it is also inevitable that personal information is stored in large-scale government and commercial databases. Unfortunately, breaches of these large-scale databases happen fairly frequently and, when they do, personal information can be leaked which will make you, and millions of others affected, vulnerable to scams and other identity crimes. 

This course analyses several cyber security incidents and looks at what lessons can be learned.

Course learning outcomes

After studying this course, you should be able to:

  • demonstrate an understanding of the key concepts, issues and technologies associated with cyber-attacks
  • analyse cyber security incidents
  • describe and discuss some of the technological, social, legal, ethical and personal issues that relate to cyber security incidents.

First Published: 17/12/2019

Updated: 02/04/2020

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