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Business matters in voluntary organisations

Updated Monday, 14th November 2022
YXM130 Example subject pathway created by Sheona
Mathewson, Partnerships Manager for YASS, OU in Scotland.

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I am the Partnerships Manager for the Young Applicants in Schools Scheme (YASS) which offers S6 pupils in Scotland, a national bridging programme, for those looking to go on to Higher Education or college after school. The opportunity to study university-level modules helps YASS students to gain skills like independent learning, digital skills and time management before going into Higher Education. 

The incredibly flexible nature of YXM130 that you can choose what you want to make up your required study hours, is for me, my favourite aspect of this module as it gives me the ownership and choice! 

As I work in a voluntary role as a member of a local board for Young Enterprise Scotland and also engage regularly with many amazing third sector organisations – I would consider studying the following OpenLearn courses to help me discover and understand more about the following and how it applies within the voluntary sector in Scotland:

  • How Business strategy is formed, why and how
  • Human resources – many voluntary organisations need a working knowledge of a range of key issues
  • Leadership & Management – how to understand what is required to lead, engage and support communities and groups of volunteers 
  • People & Organisation matters – how to effectively communicate and coach/mentor those volunteering alongside me


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