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Inclusive education: knowing what we mean (Wales)

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Inclusive education: knowing what we mean (Wales)
Inclusive education: knowing what we mean (Wales)


This course provides a brief introduction to the field of inclusive education. You can also access the other courses in this collection: An introduction to leadership for governors and Teamwork: an introduction for school governors.

Regardless of the type of school in which you find yourself, their approach to inclusive education will be a determining factor towards the culture that identifies their learning and teaching environment. Over the next few hours, you will be introduced to some of the principles and arguments that will have informed your school’s approach to inclusivity. You will look at differing perspectives on inclusion, in particular the way that medical and social models have influenced and shaped current thinking. You will also think about barriers to inclusion and the difference between integration and inclusion. In addition, you will consider some of the key documents, such as the Salamanca Statement and the Additional Learning Needs Code, that underpin current thinking in this area.

This Badged Open Course is part of a collection of training resources for school governors in Wales. The collection was developed by The Open University in Wales with an aim to develop a range of additional skills and reflections that may assist you in your role as a governor.

Inclusive education: knowing what we mean (Wales)

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Course learning outcomes

After studying this course, you should be able to:

  • have a greater understanding of the role leadership plays in school development and the improvement of pupil outcomes
  • be able to discuss and analyse some of the factors that can influence and contribute to successful leadership
  • be able to reflect on the leadership approaches taken in educational organisations known to you and appreciate the importance of using evidence to support judgements
  • appreciate the importance of planning and evaluating professional learning development.

First Published: 25/09/2020

Updated: 25/09/2020

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