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Learning Design Vision Statement Tool

Updated Monday, 14th June 2021

A reconceptualised and bi-lingual version of the original Learning Design Wordwheel for Mandarin speaking learning designers.

Snippet of the Learning Design Vision Statement Tool Click on the image above, to launch the interactive full screen.


Become an OU student

Creative commons image Icon Photo by Nick Fewings on Unsplash under Creative Commons BY-NC-SA 4.0 license
BA/BSc (Honours) Open degree free course icon


BA/BSc (Honours) Open degree

Do you want the freedom to study a range of subjects? Then our Open qualifications are ideal. The BA/BSc (Honours) Open is an honours degree with a difference. Free from the restriction of a subject-specific specialism, you can set the direction of your learning. By choosing modules from over 16 subject areas, you'll create a bespoke qualification that reflects your interests, or helps you stand out in the competitive job market.

OU course
Creative commons image Icon Pixabay under Creative-Commons license
MA/MSc Open free course icon


MA/MSc Open

This innovative masters degree allows you to create a personalised course of study across a range of academic disciplines. The programme will enable you to expand your discipline-related knowledge at masters level, gain broader subject-specific knowledge and pursue further professional development in areas that align with your employment needs and professional aspirations.

OU course
BA/BSc (Honours) Design and Innovation free course icon

Nature & Environment 

BA/BSc (Honours) Design and Innovation

This general design degree focuses on developing creative design thinking and practical work to address problems in every aspect of life, not just the creative industries. The design modules feature online design studios, social networking and inspiring study materials alongside a significant practical component. As well as design, you'll study modules in complementary subjects gaining skills and knowledge in an area that fits your needs and interests.

OU course
Copyrighted  image Icon Copyright: © Nongpimmy | - Illustration of STEM
BSc (Honours) Computing & IT and Design free course icon


BSc (Honours) Computing & IT and Design

You will need a computer with internet access to study for this qualification. For most OU qualifications a Microsoft Windows (new since 2007), Apple Mac (OS X 10.6 or later) or Linux computer should be adequate. However, some qualifications require more specific IT equipment, in which case you will need additional software to use an Apple Mac or Linux computer. A detailed technical specification for your modules will be made available when you register. Please note, technical specifications do change over time to match computer developments and the way we teach.

OU course





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