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The impact of a Professional Doctorate

Updated Thursday, 30 July 2020
Hear from OU graduates about the personal and professional impact of the Professional Doctorate.

EdD Journeys

Listen to the educational experiences of four OU graduates, and the difference the professional doctorate made in their lives.


  1. Professor Hazel Reid -  Transcript (PDF document51.7 KB)
  2. Dr Eddie Rocks -  Transcript (PDF document44.5 KB)
  3. Dr Pauline Lyseight-jones -  Transcript (PDF document47.9 KB)
  4. Dr Tim Maxwell -  Transcript (PDF document47.4 KB)

EdD stories

Read about the personal and professional impact of the Professional Doctorate on OU graduates.

EdD posters

Read the posters of three OU graduates on their EdD research and how they took it forward.


A photo of a group of students studying at a wooden bench. Aerial view
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