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Teaching and learning tricky topics

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Teaching and learning tricky topics
Teaching and learning tricky topics

As a teacher, educator or trainer, do you often think, I just don’t understand why they don’t understand?

Learning should be transformative, and this course will unlock your full potential, using a practice-based learning tool to help identify the barriers in students' understanding.

This free course, Teaching and learning tricky topics, has a course structure that builds upon understanding you have developed during the previous week’s study. You should expect to spend 3 hours per week studying (a total of 24 hours). 

Through the first three weeks you will be focusing on the background to tricky topics and how to apply the process to your practice. Weeks 4–5 will focus on the role of learning design and how to use this approach with tricky topics, and the final three weeks will help you to look at the wider picture of using tricky topics and learning design to help innovate, assess and embed your understanding with others. Moreover, it will be outlined how you can become a champion for these processes.


Teaching and learning tricky topics

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First Published: 19/01/2018

Updated: 12/09/2019

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