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Why this hub was created

Updated Thursday, 22nd October 2020

Explore the reasons why the Race and Ethnicity hub was created.

It was thought in the wake of heightened concerns over black lives, after George Floyd’s murder in May 2020, and in light of the disproportionate effect of the Coronavirus on people from a BAME background that an Open University resource should be developed that collated expertise on race and ethnicity, not only for general learning and personal interest to everyone, but also to directly inform BAME OU staff and students on topics that might affect their wellbeing and mental health. 

This is a poster from a Black Lives Matter protest of 2020 Copyrighted  image Icon Copyright: Boston Globe / Contributor/Getty Images A poster from a Black Lives Matter protest in 2020

We were also inspired by others who were making a stand against systemic racism.

A photograph of footballer Marcus Rashford kneeling on a football pitch Copyrighted  image Icon Copyright: NICK POTTS / Contributor/Getty Images Marcus Rashford is among many footballers taking the knee before football games

It was thought that presenting these resources on OpenLearn, a free platform hosted by The Open University, would be the ideal way to ensure these materials are accessible to everyone and to play a part in celebrating diversity, promoting racial justice and equity, learning from history and educating ourselves and others.

This project has been conceived with the support of and in conjunction with The Open University’s BME network.

The hub was launched in November 2020 but will be an ongoing project, and we will continually be adding new content.

This article is part of OpenLearn's Race and Ethnicity Hub -  a collection of free resources - articles, videos, audios, interactives, timelines and courses - that explore the themes of race, racism and ethnicity across the core faculty areas within The Open University.





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