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Free course

Secondary learning

Free statement of participation on completion
Secondary learning

This free course, Secondary learning, will identify and explore some of the key issues around learning and teaching in secondary schools. Through coming to understand these issues and debates, you will reflect on and develop your practice as a secondary teacher and develop a greater awareness of how students learn and how to take account of this in your planning and in your teaching.

Course learning outcomes

After studying this course, you should be able to:

  • articulate different views of, and aspects of 'knowledge' in the context of a subject
  • outline what it means to learn
  • summarise some of the key learning theories and how they manifest themselves in the classroom
  • identify how theories of learning are manifested in classroom pedagogy
  • explain what is meant by 'active learning' and 'student-centred learning'.

First Published: 29/03/2016

Updated: 22/06/2016

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