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Getting started with University Ready

Updated Friday, 2 September 2022

How to use University Ready – your collection of free resources from universities in Wales to help you get started with higher education.  

Going to university is an exciting prospect, but you’re sure to have lots of questions. This collection of resources is here to help you if you’re thinking about university-level education, or if you’re supporting someone who is.

Finding your way around the hub

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Dip in for tips and support around these themes:

You can also find resources about areas of study.

Filter your results

You can also refine your results by filtering according to:

  • Institution
  • Type of resource
  • Publish date

Explore the Welsh hub

Use the button on the front page for Welsh language resources. 

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This resource is part of the University Ready hub.

Find more resources like this on the hub homepage.


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