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Personal Statement tips

Updated Monday, 17 October 2022

Not sure where to start with your personal statement? Students from the University of South Wales share their top tips on writing a personal statement that will stand out.

Writing a personal statement is part of the university application process. It offers the opportunity to tell university tutors in your own words why you would be a good student for their course.

Make it personal

Tell them about yourself as an individual, your skills, qualities, experience and achievements that make you a suitable candidate. 

Show your passion

Demonstrate your passion and enthusiasm for the subject. Cover your future ambitions and career goals and how this course will help you to achieve those goals.

Stand out from the crowd

Your personal statement is a chance to stand out from the other applicants so don’t be generic.

Include work experience

Tutors are not just looking for academic skills. Highlight any work experience or part-time jobs to demonstrate other skills you have developed.

Use the UCAS site

Find out what course tutors are looking for on the UCAS website then consider how you fit. Include your key skills and achievements that match the course requirements.

Ask for support

Your teacher, tutor or careers advisor can offer valuable advice and feedback. Friends and family with previous experience can also offer help.

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