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Theatre & Performance: The Show Must Go On

Updated Friday, 23 October 2020
Dr Louise Ritchie from Aberystwyth's Department of Theatre, Film & Television Studies presents Theatre & Performance – The Show Must Go On.

For centuries Theatres have been celebrated as a place to gather; sharing and experiencing as part of a collective.

In our current covid world, theatre venues have become a restricted place, out of bounds and with limited access. This physical closure raises questions about who theatre is for and how it reaches audiences.

As we look to the future, the session will focus on Theatre and Performance makers who work outside of traditional theatre venues and the ways in which they are connecting with audiences in new and interesting way.



'The Challenges of 2030' Webinar Series

‘The Challenges of 2030’, views the problems of the not so distant future through the lens of a variety of different subjects such as Geography, History, Theatre & Performance, Business and Criminology.

In conjunction with Channel Talent, Aberystwyth University aim to give you an insight into the teaching methods and research of University lecturers whilst discussing the problems that the next generation of students will be facing in the coming decade.

Read more on the Aberystwyth University website.


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