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Tell us how you learn online

Updated Friday 15th April 2016

The OU is a partner in a project that's keen to discover how people learn online in 2016 - to shape how we all learn in the future. If you've got a couple of minutes, you could help them by sharing your thoughts.

We invite you to complete a short questionnaire to help us identify needs, gaps and reasons for learners, businesses and universities to boost their Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) activities. The survey was created by the EU-funded project BizMOOC, of which The Open University is a partner.  You can find out more about the project and the project partners on the website

With the help of your input, the BizMOOC project will produce and publish an interactive, open access MOOC BOOK containing contain good practice guidelines and recommendations, as well as three new MOOCs focusing on lifelong learning and business competencies.

The questionnaire should take no longer than 10 minutes to complete.

Thank you for your time.

Select this link to take the survey





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