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Your OpenLearn profile and your student record

Updated Friday 12th July 2019

You can now display all of your achievements on both your student and OpenLearn profiles.

If you are both an Open University student and an OpenLearn user, you may notice that some information appears on both your student and OpenLearn profiles. This feature enables you to showcase all of your achievements with The Open University together.

OpenLearn digital badges

Digital badges which you have earned for successful completion of Badged Open Courses on OpenLearn are also listed on your student record. They appear in your StudentHome online study record, and on your downloadable Student Academic Summary.

Copyrighted image Icon Copyright: The Open University This means that Open University staff who are supporting you in your studies, including your course tutor, can see all of your relevant Open University study. For example, if you completed the induction course Being an OU Student as a new student, your tutor will be able to recognise this as the digital badge is included on your student record. You may have achieved digital badges for OpenLearn courses recommended for your formal studies, or simply out of interest.

Including your badges on your Student Academic Summary allows you to highlight them to current or potential employers as part of a full summary of your Open University studies. You do not need to have completed a qualification in order to download and use your Student Academic Summary.

Open University modules and qualifications

Modules and qualifications which you are currently studying with the Open University, or which you have previously completed, are listed on your OpenLearn profile. They appear in the ‘My OU Life’ section of the profile.

You can choose whether you want to make any or all of the information in your OpenLearn profile visible to others (public), or keep it private. The default setting is private. Choosing to make information visible to others enables you to use your OpenLearn profile as an online showcase of your achievements. You can link to your OpenLearn profile from other platforms such as LinkedIn, or include a link on your CV.

OpenLearn Create

If you have earned any digital badges on OpenLearn Create (OpenLearn’s sister platform), you will also see these in your OpenLearn profile. They appear in the ‘My Badges’ section of the profile. Badges earned on OpenLearn Create do not appear as part of your student record.







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