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Soft skills training

Updated Tuesday, 1 January 2019
Learn to recognise the importance of soft skills and how you can improve skills in yourself and your organisation, with free courses from OpenLearn, endorsed by Google.

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The phrase ‘soft skills’ incorporates a wide variety of personality traits, communication and people skills, social attitudes and emotional intelligence. These qualities (also known as ‘core skills’) are increasingly important for success in the workplace – and not just for those in leadership positions. Everyone can benefit from some focused training and development to help them realise their full potential. OpenLearn has a number of courses you can study to enhance your soft skills right now, which you can find on this page.


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Logo for 'Grow with google', a learning initiative for people and businesses.

In 2015, Google launched Grow with Google to provide free training, products and tools designed to help people find a job, advance their career or grow their business. You can find out more at the Grow with Google site. Through partnerships with leading providers of online education like The Open University, Grow with Google is expanding its curriculum with new training like the Badged courses in Employability skills, which you can check out here:

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