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Ageing Well Public Talk Series – Plan for 2020/2021

Updated Monday, 13 July 2020
The Open University will be hosting second of the ‘Ageing Well Public Talks Series’. This article provides more information...

Being mindful of eating well, hydration, physical activity, learning new things and social connections can delay the decline caused by ageing. Come and join us for the series of public talks with the title ”Ageing Well".

We are delighted to announce that The Open University will be hosting second of the ‘Ageing Well Public Talks Series’. Talks will be held from 11AM-1PM on the dates below


To join the webinar at 11am, please click here.

If you want to watch the talk as usual, please use the live streaming link here.


Titles and dates of the talks:

  • Are we prepared to live longer? (Presented by - Jitka Vseteckova) September 23rd 2020 – as per our latest news on reopening The OU Campus due to COVID19 pandemic – this talk will be recorded and shared via the usual routes - ORDO COLLECTIONS and Ageing Well OpenLearn Create course
  • Advanced care planning  (Presented by - Barbara Gale & Erica Borgstrom) October 21st 2020
  • Ageing brain (Presented by - Jitka Vseteckova & Stephanie Warren) November 18th 2020
  • Learning languages and digital technologies in older age (Presented by - Ursula Stickler) December 2nd 2020
  • Care and caring in older age (Presented by - Mary Larkin) January 20th 2021
  • Nutritional needs while ageing (Presented by - Jitka Vseteckova & Alan Hastings) February 24th 2021
  • Pharmacotherapy while ageing (Presented by - Jitka Vseteckova & Sonal Mehta) March 24th 2021
  • Mindfulness and ageing (Presented by - Adele Pacini) April 14th 2021
  • Move it and breathe (Presented by - Jitka Vseteckova & Declan Ryan) May 19th 2021
  • Standing tall (Presented by - Jitka Vseteckova & Jason Gibb) June 16th 2021
  • The things we don’t talk about – Intimacy and ageing (Presented by - Andreas Vossler) July 14th 2021

Talks will be recorded, live streamed and available for anyone who might have missed them on the day, via ORDO COLLECTIONS and Ageing Well OpenLearn Create course.

For the past 16 years I have been teaching clinicians, allied health professionals and the public, abroad as well as in the UK, on how to 'Age Well' using an easy model on 'Five Pillars of Ageing Well'. I have been presenting the ‘Ageing Well Public Talkseries in collaboration with Third Age University and Free Time University overseas & in the UK and more recently in collaboration with primary care practices in the UK.  

I have been presenting the ‘Ageing Well Public Talks ’ since 2005 to a number of audiences locally, nationally and internationally. These audiences include service users in a general practice in the UK, members of the public, third sector organisations and charities, practitioners, clinicians and allied health professionals; via face to face talks held at The Open University; online, in collaboration with Age UK MKPublic Health NorthamptonshireCarers MKEast of England Academic Health Science Network and the and Voluntary Health Scotland. Internationally these talks are delivered via an education platform for clinicians and allied health professionals in China through collaboration with UKeMED & Cambridge Medical Academy.

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