Digital technologies and innovation in health and social care

Updated Tuesday, 5th January 2021
Explore innovations in digital technologies within the health and social care sector in these free courses.

These free courses focus on digital technology and innovation in health and social care. They are:

  • Innovation in health and social care: social and historical
  • What do we mean by digital health and social care?
  • Social media and networks in health and social care
  • Accessibility and inclusion in digital health
  • Digital innovation in social work and social care
  • Innovation in health and social care practice

The core questions that are addressed through these courses are:

  1. What has driven innovation?
  2. What is digital health and social care technology and what types of technology are available?
  3. Why are digital health technologies important for health and social care?
  4. What are the risks and challenges of health and social care technologies?
  5. What is the impact of social networks and social media?
  6. What are the different types of social media and social networks?

In Innovation in health and social care: social and historical you will explore the types of innovations that are available and the impact this has on the individuals using them. You will also gain an insight into the potential advantages and disadvantages of these innovations.

In What do we mean by digital health and social care? you will look at the different types of technologies that exist in health and social care and the advantages and disadvantages associated with each of then. You'll also focus on policies and digital innovations in different parts of the UK.

Social media and networks in health and social care focuses on the concept of internet safety and the possible advantages and disadvantages the internet offers in terms of health and social care. It also explores the ethical and professional issues associated with online social networks when working in health and social care settings.

In Accessibility and inclusion in digital health you will consider some of the ways that people can access digital health in the UK and how they are able to take more control over their physical and mental health.

Digital innovation in social care and social work explores how digital technology has made a difference, both to the social care sector and people living in their own communities. It also looks at how incorporating technology in the home and in community settings has a range of benefits to people's wellbeing and ability to maintain independence in their community setting.

And finally, in Innovation in health and social care practice you will focus on how digital technology and innovation changes the expectations and job roles for health and social care practitioners. You'll learn about what these expectations might be on practitioners and also about common responses and criticisms that may arise from transforming practice through technology.

These free courses are adapted extracts from the Open University course K102 Introducing health and social care.


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