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OpenLearn choices for YASS students

Updated Friday, 2 July 2021
Welcome to Making your learning count OpenLearn choice page for YASS students. 

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The options here make up the independent learning element of the course. The OpenLearn units are grouped together in pathways (Arts; Health and Social Care; Social Science and Sport and Exercise) and they allow you to tailor your study to suit your interests and future plans.

Click on the pathway of your choice to see the units offered. You can decide to select all of your units from one pathway, or you can mix and match. You will need to choose units from at least two different subjects so that you can complete all the assessment tasks. It is also a good idea to choose at least one study skills course. 

What you choose to study is up to you, but the units you pick must add up to at least 100 study hours. 

Icon of a museum Icon of health and social care
Icon of Social Sciences Icon of Sports and exercise

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If you would like to look at some additional subject pathways collated by the module team, click here.


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