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So you've ordered your 'Civilisations' poster - now what?

Updated Thursday, 15th February 2018

You've ordered your 'Civilisations' poster and can't wait for it to arrive? Check out these fantastic art history resources while you wait...

Go on an interactive journey around the world

Explore nine very different art pieces with one thing in common - a fascinating history and heritage. You'll be transported to different parts of the globe in this visually rich interactive.

Join in the 'Civilisations' debate

Shortly after every episode of 'Civilisations', one of our Art History experts will spark an interesting discussion around the art explored. Join in the debate in the link below.

Learn with The Open University

The Open University offers a range of qualifications in Art History with some modules written by the academic consultants on 'Civilisations'. Check them out... 

Try a FREE course on Art History

Do you really want to get your teeth into art history and visual culture? Take a look at the free courses below to get more of a flavour for the subject.  





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