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Week 2 Civilisations: The debate

Updated Thursday, 8th March 2018

Jessica Hughes, a Senior Lecturer in Classical Studies, will be reflecting on episode two of Civilisations on Friday 9th March between 12pm - 2pm. Let us know your thoughts in this discussion hub...

Terracotta Army (BBC programme use) Copyrighted  image Icon Copyright: BBC The Terracotta Army 210 BCE Welcome to this post-viewing discussion of Civilisations! Episode 2 ('How do we look?') was presented by Mary Beard, and addressed ancient representations of the human body. The episode had a huge chronological and geographical scope, taking us on a journey across the globe to visit Olmec sculptures from ancient Mexico, the Chinese Terracotta Army, Greek and Roman 'Classical' statuary, and more besides. Mary emphasised that this was not just a history of artists, but a history of viewers too - how ancient people responded to these amazing objects at the time they were made - and how these bodies continue to have an impact on people like you and me.

Which brings us to the discussion (which I'll be moderating live between 12-2pm on Friday 9th March). Join in the discussion by posting a response in the Comments section below. Here's the question:

What did you think about the fantastic collection of sculptures and paintings that were shown on episode two 'How do we look?'? Were you familiar with any of these objects before you watched the programme? Were there any that particularly surprised you, or moved you - and if so, why?

Note that the Comments are sometimes slow to upload, so just press 'Save' once - your post should appear very shortly.






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