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Brexit’s impact on the nations of the UK - Student Hub Live's Brexit Special

Updated Thursday, 29th June 2017

The second Brexit Special video from Student Hub Live.

In 2016, the majority of voters in England and Wales voted to leave the European Union, despite mainstream political parties urging them to remain. In contrast, clear majorities in Scotland and Northern Ireland voted to stay in the EU. As a result, the UK is triggering Article 50 against a backdrop of constitutional crisis, with the Scottish government pushing towards a second independence referendum and Northern Ireland struggling to re-form a government.

The divisions and ties between the UK, its nations and Europe are based on forms of community, heritage and competition that go beyond the EU. In this second session of the Brexit Special by Student Hub Live, three OU academics who live and research in different parts of the UK will discuss the different factors that shaped their nations’ reactions to the referendum, along with its consequences for the UK’s unity, cohesion and prosperity.



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