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Exploring the classical world: Track 1

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Exploring the classical world introduces texts by Homer, Horace, Juvenal and others, placing them in their social and political context and assessing their value as historical sources. Readings in the original Latin or Greek and in translation illustrate the metric structures used and the challenges of effectively recreating these works in modern English. The material is drawn from The Open University course A219 Exploring the classical world

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  • Updated Sunday 26th July 2009
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Track 1: Exploring the classical world

A brief introduction to this album.

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Tracks in this podcast:

Track   Title Description
1 Exploring the classical world    A brief introduction to this album. Play now Exploring the classical world
2 Interpreting Homer    Reading' classical texts and the differing philosophies of translation, with a dramatised example from the Lattimore translation of Homer's Odyssey. Play now Interpreting Homer
3 Homer's people    Metaphor, imagery, characterisation and the portrayal of strong emotion in Homer's Odyssey, with dramatised excerpts from book iv. Play now Homer's people
4 Homer's world    The power of the Gods and the nature of Homeric heroes, including a reading from the original Greek and dramatisations from Odyssey book v. Play now Homer's world
5 Homer - lost in translation?    Comparing and evaluating translations of Homer, focusing on Lattimore, and the difficulties and decisions involved. Play now Homer - lost in translation?
6 Homer - translation through recreation    Different approaches to recreating the original Homeric experience in prose, poetry and on stage. Play now Homer - translation through recreation
7 Catullus - poetic voices    The love poetry of Catullus and his place in contemporary Roman society, with readings in Latin and translation. Play now Catullus - poetic voices
8 Catullus - political worlds    The role of Catullus and his poetry in political and personal rivalries in the late Roman Republic. Play now Catullus - political worlds
9 The Alcaic stanzas of Horace    The sounds and rhythms of Latin poetry, focusing on the Alcaic form with readings from Horace's ode 3.6. Play now The Alcaic stanzas of Horace
10 Exploring Roman elegiac poetry    The sounds and rhythms of Roman Elegiac poetry, with readings in Latin and translation. Play now Exploring Roman elegiac poetry
11 Satire in the city of Rome    Using Roman satirical writing to discover social history. Play now Satire in the city of Rome
12 The satirical verse of Juvenal    The motivations of Juvenal in his satirical works, with readings in Latin and in translation of Satire 5. Play now The satirical verse of Juvenal




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