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Selling Empire

Updated Wednesday, 23rd January 2013

How was Empire marketed? How did British authorities and companies try to persuade people that Empire was a ‘good thing’: worth supporting by showing preference for empire goods, travel, emigration and investment? Read our introduction first for an overview of this collection.

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The Selling of Empire

Explore how the marketing and selling of the British Empire changed between the 1850s and the late 1960s.

Read our introduction to the different ways in which Empire was marketed, before exploring each area in more depth. Copyright The National Archives (TNA) CO956-537A Explore the change from optimism over the Commonwealth and Britain towards comedy and nostalgia over Empire. Copyright ITV/Rex Features Read how Empire films developed. Copyright Alexander Vasilyev |  Explore the Empire Marketing Board's striking posters. Copyright The National Archives (TNA) CO956/258  Explore the origins and role of the Empire Marketing Board. Copyright The National Archives Explore how exhibitions demonstrate the changes in Empire's presentation. Copyright Library of Congress




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