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Glastonbury and the festival

Updated Monday, 20th July 2020

Glastonbury, a town nestled in southwest England, is one of the most popular and sacred pilgrimage sites, and it also happens to host one of the world’s most famous music festivals!


When you hear the word ‘Glastonbury’ you might think back to the memorable gigs of The Rolling Stones (2013), Beyoncé (2011) or Johnny Cash (1994), but there’s another lesser known side to the Somerset town too. Did you know, for example, that Glastonbury is thought to have been an ancient celtic centre of goddess worship? Dr Marion Bowman, Senior Lecturer in Religious Studies, investigates. 



“A party that started in the 1970s with a handful of people in a field, and grew into a famous festival” - Dr Marion Bowman, Senior Lecturer in Religious Studies, discusses the history of Glastonbury festival, and what really goes on beyond the pyramid stage.




Dr Marion Bowman, Senior Lecturer in Religious Studies, gives an overview of the goddess worship that takes place in Glastonbury town, including a conference, a goddess temple, a gift shop and even a procession where revellers gather to make a public statement of their devotion to the goddess.



Glastonbury hippies sign Copyrighted  image Icon Copyright: Image by Dr Marion Bowman Image taken by Dr Marion Bowman in Glastonbury during the 70s.




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