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Emotion management for translators

Updated Monday, 26 July 2021
Find out more about this training package on emotion management. The training is designed for translators working as employees in organisations who need to employ specific emotional skills in their working context.
Emotion management for translators is an 18-hour training package designed to enhance specific emotional competences in participants, such as understanding and identifying emotions, listening to and expressing emotions, and managing emotions to foster wellbeing. The course combines theoretical knowledge on emotions with a wide range of practical activities aimed at developing translators’ psychological skillset. Delivered entirely in an asynchronous format, the course will increase participants’ range of options for tackling emotion-eliciting issues at work and in life.
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Emotion management courses

This training package is in a collection developed as part of a Higher Education Innovation Fund (HEIF) project in response to the growing demand from employers, translators, and professional translation associations for CPD courses addressing translators' psychological health and wellbeing. In particular, the development of effective emotion management and coping skills were identified as important areas where training was required. Two courses were developed to meet these requirements:
  • Emotional intelligence for translators is an introductory 2-hour short course aimed at translators at various stages of their careers who are interested in developing their emotional intelligence skills and are working freelance, in-house, or in the voluntary sector. It may also be of interest to interpreters or other linguists. 
  • Emotion management for translators is a substantial 18-hour training package that can be licensed out to organisations interested in developing the emotion management skills and psychological wellbeing of their translator employees. 

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