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Building confidence in using online forums
Building confidence in using online forums

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3.2 Putting messy play into forums

In the next activity, you will consider where the characteristics of play can be seen in examples of forum postings.

Activity 3 Messy, playful learning processes

Timing: Allow about 15 minutes

Take a moment to read these two scenarios of forum discussions. Note any examples of play.

Scenario 1

Hey everyone! I found this really great resource for assignment 2 – ‘A guide to philosophy: do prisons work’. I think it’s got all the key information we need.
Thanks! 😊
Yes, thanks Susan!

Scenario 2

Hey everyone! I’ve been looking at this resource for assignment 2 - ‘A guide to philosophy: do prisons work’. I think some of it might be useful, particularly paragraph 3 as it links to what we were looking at in the Bruner chapter in week 4. What do you think? What other articles are you using to support the argument that prisons need to support educational and social skill development as well as being a place to punish?
Thanks Susan – I like paragraph 3, yes. It is clear and gives a slightly different view from the Bruner so I may also reference this. I have also been using Smith (2018) and Alexander (2010). If you look at these four together it gives quite a range of different views on the educational / social skills debate.
Thanks Susan and Krish – this is interesting as I too was looking for more ideas for this section of our essay. I am finding Smith’s ideas about higher education in prisons doesn’t sit well with Bruner’s idea of key basic skills – or am I missing something?
I’d never thought of that Ali but yes that doesn’t completely tie up. Thanks for the recommendations – maybe we need to think about the types of education and social skills being discussed – any more thoughts?
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You probably found some examples of characteristics of play in the two scenarios. For example, Krish’s response in Scenario 1 mixes words and images using an emoji. In Scenario 2, Susan, Ali and Krish are all actively exploring different possibilities and engaging each other, through questions.

You will now look further at how you can make forums into a playful space.