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Introduction to Arabic
Introduction to Arabic

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4.2 The influence of Arabic on Spanish

Arabs ruled the Iberian Peninsula for a long period of nearly eight centuries (711–1492), and this period was full of cultural, scientific, literary and architectural achievements, some of which we are still witnessing until the present era.

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The influence of Arabic on Spanish seems clear in many aspects, as some Spanish cities still retain their Arabic name to the present time, such as: Madrid مجريط and Valladolid بلد الوليد . In addition, Spanish uses a significant number of Arabic words - up to eight thousand.

Activity 7

Timing: 15 minutes

The following Spanish words are of Arabic origin. Look each word up in the dictionary and write them in Arabic.

  1. Arroz
  2. Albuhera
  3. Hasta


  1. ١- أَرُز / Aroz
  2. ٢- البُحَيْرة / Al-buḥayra

  3. ٣- حَتّى / atta