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The science of nutrition and healthy eating
The science of nutrition and healthy eating

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3.4 Taking glucose from the intestine to the brain

In the next activity you will test your knowledge of the route that blood takes through your body.

Activity 4 What is the order from small intestine to brain?

Timing: Allow approximately 15 minutes.

Identify what route blood, containing glucose, will take from the small intestine to the brain.

Arrange the parts below in order, with the small intestine at the top and the brain at the bottom. To move a part of the blood system, click on it and drag it to a new position. There is no limit to the number of moves you can make. As soon as you move the boxes into the correct order, a message will appear.

After 11 moves, you will be asked whether you want some assistance. This will add green ticks next to those that are in the correct position and red crosses to those that are not.

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The order is as follows:

  1. hepatic portal vein
  2. liver
  3. hepatic vein
  4. vena cava
  5. right side of heart
  6. pulmonary artery
  7. lungs
  8. pulmonary vein
  9. left side of heart
  10. aorta
  11. carotid artery

Quite a complicated route, isn’t it? Did you get the sides of the heart the right way round first time? It’s easy to forget that the right side of the heart is on the left of the diagram.