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Everyday English 1
Everyday English 1

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2.3 Articles and news reports

Articles and news reports are similar kinds of writing. They both give information, ideas and opinions on a particular topic. They can be a variety of lengths, from short summaries to detailed descriptions.

Articles and news reports are written for newspapers and magazines, both printed and online. In terms of format, they must have a title, heading or headline, and the author’s name may be included at the beginning or the end. They often include pictures or other images to add information and interest.

The text below is an example of a short article. Notice how it has a title or heading and gives information on a particular topic.

The European Computer Driving Licence

The ECDL is an internationally recognised qualification that allows people to demonstrate their ability to use a computer for all kinds of tasks.

It is the best-known IT certificate in Europe and will soon become the most widely studied computer qualification in the rest of the world.

The ECDL is split into two parts: Level 1 and Level 2. It is designed to cover the key concepts of computing and its practical uses at home, in education and in the workplace.

Registration for the ECDL takes place at any college or school that is a Test Centre. Each student is given a logbook to record his or her progress. As the students pass the tests the results are recorded in their logbook. When all the tests have been completed and passed, the logbook is handed in. Then the full ECDL Certificate is issued to the student.

Most leading companies and other employers understand the importance of the ECDL. They know that any of their workers who has an ECDL Certificate has shown that they have an up-to-date computer qualification. The employers also know that the ECDL is a well-organised course that helps their workers to use computer skills in their jobs.