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Everyday English 1
Everyday English 1

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6.2 Handwriting

Despite all the writing that people do on their phones or tablets or using a keyboard, writing neatly is still something everyone needs to be able to do.

It is possible to do Functional Skills English or Essential Skills Wales Communication assessments on-screen or online, so your handwriting will not be an issue in that respect. In reality, if you really wanted to, you probably could avoid ever having to handwrite again by always using your mobile phone, tablet and computer.

However, there are likely to be times when you have no choice but to write by hand and if it cannot be read, you have a problem! If you write your shopping list by hand and then cannot read it, how will you know what to buy? If you leave a message for someone to feed your dog when they come home, but they cannot read it, the dog goes hungry. If you write a heartfelt birthday message in your best friend’s birthday card, but they cannot read it, what would they think?

Everyone has their own unique style of handwriting with unique habits – both good and bad. It is always worthwhile to look at your own handwriting and ask yourself whether it could be made easier to read.

Activity 43 Your handwriting

Timing: Allow about 10 minutes

Use a pen and paper to copy a few lines of the text you have just read.

Now read it back, looking carefully at your handwriting. Be honest about it. Is it easy to read? Do you have any habits or patterns that make certain letters or words or sections unclear? Do you use random capitals where you don’t need them?

Is there anything you could do to make sure that your handwriting is easier to read?


It is possible to change your handwriting, so if you have noticed something that you could improve, make an effort to do so next time you are writing.