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Sea level rise | International case studies

Updated Tuesday, 4 February 2020
Sea level rise will have effects around the globe, from large countries such as the USA to many smaller island nations. Below are some case studies on how these countries are coping.

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1) Tuvalu, South Pacific

Tuvalu, a country consisting of several small islands, has been described as a canary in a mine, as it is predicted to become the first country to disappear into the ocean....

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  A group of children in a Bangladesh slum

2) Bangladesh 

Bangladesh is more vulnerable to the effects of climate change than many other nations for a range of reasons....



EXPLORE FURTHER: Read case studies in England to see how three coastal communities have adapted to the affects of sea level rises. Too see how your local area might be affected, follow this link to the map produced by Climate Central, based on the recent paper by Kulp and Strauss (2019).


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