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Expert insight: Amazonian challenges and policy responses

Updated Wednesday, 9th August 2017
An in-depth look at the Amazon System and the challenges it faces.

The Amazon has a long history of survival, why is it now threatened?

Below you’ll find a series of articles that explore the Amazon System and its natural resources in more detail. Read about the interdependencies of these resources, and the effects of the actions taken by man. Is it too late to reverse the decline? What does the Amazon System need to do in order to continue surviving? Find out more about The Open University’s involvement in Project COBRA, which focuses on increasing confidence across indigenous communities to address the challenges facing the Amazon.

These articles emerge out of the experience of Dr Andrea Berardi, a Lecturer in Environmental Information Systems at The Open University. He is a co-investigator on Project COBRA. COBRA is researching ways to integrate community solutions within policies addressing escalating social, economic and environmental crises, through accessible information and communication technologies.


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