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Updated Friday, 21 August 2020

The way we live impacts our Earth, it is changing the climate and threatening livelihoods, species and ecosystems. It is clear our current strategies of supporting our way of life can't continue. Globalisation means it isn't always easy to see the impacts our behaviour has on others and the natural world, or what we can to make more sustainable choices.

Here we bring together The Open University’s free articles, interactives and courses relating to learning about and living more sustainably. 

Dive in and discover more from diverse perspectives around the world, ranging from ecology, energy and food choices, to economics and design solutions – explore the issues, empower yourself with knowledge and decide what you want to do to make a difference.

And for the latest thinking around COP26, visit our dedicated COP26 hub with new articles being added leading up to, throughout and beyond the event itself.

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Understanding the problems is key to finding solutions and bringing about change. The following free resources will drive home the challenges as well as the opportunities ahead, and help you start your exploration and journey towards sustainability.

If you're new to the topic of sustainability, then there is much to discover, and there is always more to learn.

Articles and interactive content

Free courses

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Maybe you already have some awareness of the issues at hand but feel unsure about what to do or where to start when it comes to taking action.

The following resources will help you decide where to focus your sustainable efforts. Knowledge is power.

Articles and interactive content

Free courses

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Feeling empowered to make a change? You can take action and influence others in your home, community, and globally by making informed choices about what you buy, how you travel, the properties of your home, where your energy comes from, who you vote for, the causes you support and how you do your job. You can train for a career supporting a more sustainable future. There are so many areas where you can make a difference!

To make a positive step towards a more sustainable life, take a look at the following free resources and courses.

Articles and interactive content

Free courses


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