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Happy Saint Brigid's Day

When is Saint Brigid's day? Who was Saint Brigid? And how big is this day's significance? Find out more from our related resources.

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Saint Brigid's life and the modern times

Saint Brigid's Day is celebrated on the 1st of February. As for the saint herself - there aren't many confirmed facts about her life. Today, she is most strongly connected with Ireland, and with Kildare in particular - where she is said to have been an abbess. As patroness saint of Ireland, she is one of its three national saints (alongside Patrick and Columba).

Saint Brigid's Cross

Saint Brigid's cultural significance

Today, you can observe the symbols and rituals associated with Saint Brigid across the island of Ireland. Traditionally people used to make and display Saint Brigid's crosses, and in some places, they took part in parades with a Saint Brigid doll.
Her significance moves beyond Ireland, though: Saint Brigid remains a popular saint in North America (thanks to the presence of Irish and Scots diaspora) and she became a partial inspiration for a Haitian voodoo spirit, Maman Brigitte.

Saint Brigid's Church in San Francisco

Saint Brigid's Day and Imbolc

Saint Brigid's Day is also the day of Imbolc, one of Gaelic seasonal festivals. The modern Christian rituals and the traditional Gaelic celebrations merge today in a day which marks the beginning of spring.

Saint Brigid's Doll 

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