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What is OpenLearn Ireland?

Updated Wednesday, 20th January 2021
OpenLearn Ireland provides free learning content from The Open University for all who are interested in Ireland, Northern Ireland and the culture, developments and events on the island.

The OpenLearn Ireland hub brings together a collection of free educational resources relevant to Ireland and Northern Ireland. The resources within this hub cover a wide range of subject areas, including language, environment, revolution, history, law, literature, politics, social care and social sciences.

The collection of FREE courses, academic insights via articles, interactive videos and audio, and broadcast material as a whole demonstrates The Open University's commitment to delivering a curriculum that is appropriate for the differing requirements of each of the countries.

These open educational resources have been collected and developed from across The Open University's catalogue, chosen because of their particular relevance to Ireland and Northern Ireland. 

The OpenLearn Ireland collection provides you with the opportunity to access free learning resources of particular relevance to Ireland and Northern Ireland. You may wish to study a single course or five minute article to further your interest in a particular topic or to use the learning experience as an opportunity to assess your level of academic ability prior to studying at university level. We hope that, whatever your reason for using OpenLearn, it will provide you with a taste for learning.

Our resources will be able to provide you with the following learning outcomes:

  • show a broader understanding of contemporary Irish society
  • show a broader understanding of Irish culture and identity

​We hope you enjoy dipping into a world of free learning.


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