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Graham Andrew Vahey


I am 89, and so am what they call a 'late arrival at the Ball', so to speak, having started a BA in Arts and Humanities with the OU. As an avid childhood reader, I read during Air Raids in the Anderson Shelter we had. It was to try and blank out the screaming bombs that rained upon us, so it was a diversion mainly, but some literature stuck. It was decades ago that I was first at brick universities - Sheffield, Bradford and Edinburgh. It was all labour intensive with much walking and getting wet going to the Library etc. Now everything is online, which saves my poor legs. Unlike the 'brick attendances' where you were left much to your own devices, the OU divides study into weeks and keeps you focussed on the task at hand, with optional forms of subject studies. Returning to study was with trepidation, but now I am into the swing of things, I must say that I am enjoying studying again. Perhaps the innovative thing for me is that Library references and content are at your fingertips. OpenLearn has been exceptionally helpful in preparation for OU studies and during the holidays. Their studies mirror the OU course modules' content.