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My OU life

Mark Healey OpenLearn Profile

These are the modules and qualifications that I have studied with The Open University.

My OU studies

Enrolled modules

Completed modules

    These are the courses that I have completed:
  • img-course

    M811 Information security

  • img-course

    M812 Digital forensics

  • img-course

    M815 Project management

  • img-course

    T828 Network security

  • img-course

    T847 The MSc professional project

  • img-course

    U810 Continuing professional development in practice

Current qualifications in progress

Completed/passed qualifications

    These are the qualifications that I have completed:
  • img-course

    E81 Postgraduate Diploma in Computing

  • img-course

    F66 MSc in Computing

  • img-course

    K22 Postgraduate Certificate in Computing