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Updated Thursday, 25th June 2020
From robotic telescopes to an asteroid pretending to be a moon on Mars, here are four articles about asteroids.

Milky way and big antenna dish at Very Large Array, New Mexico, USA. Powerful telescope for astronomy searching

Revealing the surface of an asteroid using robotic telescopes 

How can studying asteroids allow us to have a better understanding of the formation of our solar system? Samuel Jackson, PhD student in The School of Physical Sciences digs into the research...


City lights - Central America. Elements of this image furnished by NASA

Can a space rock from Costa Rica reveal the origin of water on Earth?

Ross Findlay, a Cosmochemistry PhD Student in The School of Physical Sciences, explores different types of meteorites which have landed across our planet.


Satellite Phobos orbiting around Mars planet. 3d rendering

Phobos – an asteroid masquerading as a moon of Mars?

Zoe Morland, a PhD student in The School of Physical Sciences, looks at Phobos - one of Mars' moons and how space agencies are going to investigate its composition.


Asteroids near Earth. Meteorites orbiting planet. Deep space image, science fiction fantasy in high resolution ideal for wallpaper and print. Elements of this image furnished by NASA

Hitching a ride on an asteroid to travel back to the birth of the Solar System

Right now there are two active asteroid sample-return missions in space...



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