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Make a changing world a better place

Updated Tuesday, 13 October 2020
Educating the next generation of business talent with free online learning.

Logo for NSC Global The world is constantly changing and the technology sector is crucial in helping organisations and individuals stay connected by enabling employees to work remotely and keep their businesses running efficiently. At NSC we believe that an understanding of technology is essential for anyone entering, or already part of, the business world. We also believe that education should be available to all.

That is why NSC has partnered with The Open University and OpenLearn to provide free courses and training to anyone looking to change their career path or expand their skills and the job opportunities available to them.

OpenLearn is home to a large range of technology courses which allow individuals to enhance their understanding of all aspects of technology, from very specific specialist training for IT professionals to broader more general courses for those looking to gain an insight into the industry.

Here is a selection of courses we recommend for those looking to expand their technology skills and understanding of this critical and fast-growing sector.


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