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Improve your everyday maths for free

Updated Tuesday, 12 May 2020
The Open University has teamed up with charity National Numeracy to enable everyone to boost their confidence with numbers using the National Numeracy Challenge.

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National Numeracy is an independent charity working to improve numeracy across the UK. The National Numeracy Challenge is a free website to help you check and improve the maths you use in daily life and at work – such as managing your money, working out measurements and understanding percentages – rather than algebra or trigonometry.

The Challenge is all about boosting your confidence by giving you access to the learning resources that are right for you. It is a great stepping stone to help you feel ready for further formal qualifications, progress at work or get to grips with your household finances.

Take the first step by getting started on the National Numeracy Challenge now. OpenLearn also has a range of courses, articles and interactives to help you take your learning further.


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