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Microgravity: living on the International Space Station

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Welcome to this free badged open course on Microgravity! 

This course will be covering questions such as, how does the International Space Station (ISS) orbit the Earth? Is circular motion involved? What about the forces? Are they pushing or pulling the ISS to the Earth? What would happen if these forces suddenly disappeared? How does a rocket overcome the Earth’s gravity? 

How has human endeavour in space impacted on other aspects of our lives? As well as GPS and studying the stars, it has also helped us to study the ageing process! The ISS helps us to study Biology, Chemistry, Quantum Physics and even banking and security! There will be interviews with several scientists along the way. But what about the cost of the ISS? Do you think that it is justified? Finally, could you be an astronaut or a scientist?! 

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