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Fancy a mission? Join the Weather-It community

Updated Friday, 1st March 2019

Don't just watch the weather  - join Weather-It and get inside it!

Weather-It logo Copyrighted  image Icon Copyright: Weather-It Weather-it is a community open for weather experts, people passionate with weather, and people having an interest in weather.

You can sign up with the online Weather-it community, create and join weather missions (investigations), collaborate with weather experts or help non-experts, meet and discuss with the other community members, and you can also win prizes every month (top contributor, best photographer, top sharer, the most popular, the most voted win-it idea).

Weather-it community is part of a PhD project. The project will run for 3 months (December-February) and the participants can register at any time and spend as much time as they want, whenever they want. The community and the platform will remain open after the study finishes.

The aim of the PhD project is to help people engage in scientific investigation, by giving them opportunities to collaborate with experts and run their own research. "Weather-it" is looking at the involvement of people in a community of online weather investigations. "Weather-it" has been given a favourable opinion by The Open University Human Research Ethics Committee. See you online!





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