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Study Skills

Updated Friday, 8th February 2019

In order to help you make the most of your studies we have put together a list of resources intended to help to prepare you for your studies and to assist you to use your time effectively. 

You may find some of these resources helpful prior to starting your course and others may be useful during your course.

OpenLearn course Approx. duration
Strategic study techniques 20 minutes
Managing stress 10 minutes
Time management skills 25 minutes
Critical reading techniques 25 minutes
Notetaking techniques 35 minutes
Avoiding plagiarism 5 minutes
Giving presentations 10 minutes
Making the most of your learning style 15 minutes

Math resources

As lots of colleges courses contain a numeracy element so here are some maths resources which are aimed at helping you refresh your skills and move forward with confidence.

OpenLearn course Approx. duration
Maths help - a door to everyday maths Various

There are many more OpenLearn courses available which you can try if you want to and any skills which you develop through doing so will be useful as you continue your learning journey.

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